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Welton Nadai was born in Rio Claro, state of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1983,  since he was a teenager he became interested in the universe of classical guitar and soon joined to study at the Dramatic and Musical Conservatory of Tatuí/SP. He is graduating in Degree in  music by UNINCOR  - Universidade Vale do Rio Verde in Três Corações/MG, and a postgraduate degree in Art and Education from Faculdade Integrada Claretianas in Rio Claro/SP, he currently develops several works with guitarist Pedro Cameron, to whom he also owes much of his training.

In 2012, he released the album “Violões Artes Trio” with guitarists Pedro Cameron and Lucas Penteado, and in 2018, as producer, the Brasilis Guitar Duo album “O Violão bem Temperado”, formed by Edson Lopes and Guilherme Sparrapan. In 2019, he released the EP Circuito do Violão, with the participation of Orquestra de Violões e Violões Artes Trio, in  2020 produced the web series Violão na Escola, and in 2021 he released his first solo album “Pedro Cameron”, with contemporary works by the honored guitarist, and is currently touring with Violões Artes Trio, together with guitarists Pedro Cameron and Priscila Giusti, in addition to performing solo and producing new videos for his YouTube channel.




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