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Welton Nadai, licensed in music by UNINCOR, and Post Graduated in “Art and Education” by Faculdades Integradas Claretianas, with Instituto Lumiarte and Rede Vinil Produções enables the production of artistic events of different segments in cities in the interior of São Paulo.

As an executive producer and artistic director, he carries out a wide range of cultural promotion in cities in the interior of São Paulo, and also as a result of co-productions with the Lumiarte Institute, he annually promotes a calendar of artistic events with projects such as Guitar at School, Digital Guitar, Lumiarte Digital, Acessart, Violões Artes Trio, Música In Natura, Locomotiva Festival, Casa do Ipê Amarelo, Ateliê Piculú, Encontro Marcatto, Art and other ideas, Arte do Coração and Guitar Seminar in Rio Claro.

Also in the creation of multimedia content, communication, marketing, institutional identity, advice for sponsoring companies, fundraising, agency of artists and management of cultural spaces.

In classical music, he has worked with names such as Gilson Antunes, Maria Angélica Cameron, Matthew Thorpe, Fábio Bartoloni, Amadeu Rosa, Maria Luísa Cameron, Rodolfo Lota, Chrystian Dozza, David Costa, Ivone Vigatto, Duo Siqueira Lima, Guilherme Vincens, Michel Maciel, Edson Lopes, Fábio Zanon, Franciel Monteiro, Guilherme Sparrapan, Pedro Cameron, Quaternaglia, João Camarero and Gabrielle Leite.

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